Addicted V-Neck AD Combi Mesh T-Shirt Black AD660-10

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Addicted V-Neck AD Combi Mesh T-Shirt is so stylish, it's perfect for workout at the gym as well as a jaunt about town.

Fabric: 60% cotton, 20% polyamide & 20% spandex


About Addicted

Addicted is the companion brand to ES Collection, known around the world for its sporty, sunny & sexy underwear, swimwear and activewear. To maintain quality, all Addicted products are made in Barcelona.

Addicted to ES brings you a specially curated collection. Addicted to ES is an official wholesaler of ES Collection and Addicted. When you purchase your ES Collection and Addicted item from us, you can rest assured you're getting a genuine original that will last and last. Check out other brands with our affiliate retail partner Male-HQ in Singapore.